7 Most Frequently Asked Questions To Answer Before Your Next Branded Merchandise Order

Yes, there are a ton of ways to create amazing logo'd gear. So much so, it can be a little overwhelming at times. But like my dad always told me, if you start with the basics, you'll never go wrong!

First things first...prior to jumping into the key questions, let's start with the number one thing to have in mind before ordering any promotional products: who is the target audience?

The recipients may be different for every event or campaign you are involved in, but the advice is still the same. Don't just focus on what you like, or the latest gimmick item, but really zero in one who you want to appeal to and what THEY might be able to actually USE. The type of audience you have may not only impact the type of item to use, but will likely affect your budget as well. If you’re ordering small gizmos for trade show giveaways, you might have a relatively small budget per piece trying with a larger audience to reach. But if you’re ordering gifts for valued employees, you will have a much higher price point. Different products and categories resonate differently amongst different people. So make sure you know who you are wanting to appeal most to, and focus on their wants/needs.

The next thing you need to ask yourself is one that can be often overlooked, but is at the heart of all our projects : what are the goals or objectives of this effort?

A good promotional product is much more than just a product with a logo on it. Each time you order products, there is an underlying objective, a motivating factor. So take a moment and identify what would be considered a "win" for you, then set a goal or two firmly in your mind that would help you get that "win." Some common goals for promotional products and branded merchandise include: increasing brand awareness through visibility, attracting visitors to a trade show booth, rewarding employees for accomplishments, thanking customers or clients, promoting a new product or service, and solidifying brand loyalty...just to name a few. Of course yours may be different, but no matter. Get clarity, and when you are clear on what your objectives are for your promotional products, then you’re able to select items that will help you achieve them.

Once you are clear on your target audience and you have a solid goal or three in place, it’s time to start ordering! Here are answers to the 7 most frequently asked questions about ordering promotional products.

1. What’s your turnaround time?

This varies greatly depending on the project. Depending on the supplier, typical domestic turnaround time is roughly 5 to 10 business days after proof approval, and if producing a completely custom project overseas the schedule can be closer to 90 days. But don't worry, if the universe has given you a little scheduling surprise and you need stuff NOW, we can ship some items within 24 hours for you.

2. I have a set budget, can you work with me?

Being the good student you are, you have already allocated the right budget for your target audience. One of the first questions we will ask is about your budget. The promotional products industry is so vast there are quality products to fit every budget, whether it’s large, small or flexible. Over the past 20 years we at Yellow Bike have established some amazing relationships with key suppliers which give us further discounts than the MSRP pricing you’ll see in their catalogs...and of course we pass these discounts on to you! You don’t have to break the bank to order impactful promotional items but you also don’t have to settle for the same old same old. We can help you find something with a wow factor.

We also have a wide variety of clearance items available at all times which can produce savings up to 90% off but we’ll have to act fast because inventory is limited.

3. Do you have Minimums?

This is not a neat and tidy answer as it really does depend on the item, category, and the factory. Typically lower priced items have higher minimums and higher priced items have lower minimums. If you’re interested in a recognition gift from a high-end, well-known brand that doesn’t require a logo then there are no minimum quantities required and you can buy just one. If you’re interested in some pens or water bottles with a logo then minimum quantities would likely apply. Some items may offer a Less Than Minimum option which is usually half the shown minimum and would incur a LTM (Less Than Minimum) charge. Clearance items may have lower minimum quantities. Awards and trophies do not have minimums. Yep

4. How many items will I need to order?

Quantities are different than minimums. It may seem pretty straightforward, but some people find that it can be challenging to order the right number of promo items. As you know, some products will have minimum quantities you can order. But remember that shipping costs can increase your order total which in turn may affect your overall quantity. You also may lose some products to employees or to people taking more than the allotted number. If you’re ordering for a specific event, buy more than the estimated number of attendees. If you order too many of a product, you could end up with leftovers that no one wants to use or even give away. Trust in an experienced consultant here at Yellow Bike. We can recommend the right product in the right quantity to help make your event wildly successful!

5. Will this product represent my company?

Every organization has a vibe or a tone. The things that make up the vibe of your company include a style and an image. Keeping your objective or goal in mind, the promotional items that you choose to represent your brand should reflect the vibe of your company and the message you are trying to send.

What’s yours? What kind of image are you trying to portray? Professional and traditional? Modern, fresh and fun? Sustainable, green, and eco-friendly? Creative and eccentric? Another strategy for answering this question is to go industry-focused. There are a variety of promotional products with uses and functions that are perfect for a given industry. Click here to shop by category: https://www.yellowbikecreative.com/products

6. How do you put my logo on things?

We are in the Marketing business so we recommend that most items do include your logo. However, there are those rare circumstances that come up where you may not want a logo’d item (such as a gift for a retiring employee). We can do that. But for all the other items you will need that do require your logo, there are a wide variety of decorating techniques to choose from. They include: screen printing, embroidery, sublimation, cresting, engraving, pad printing, digital, foil stamping and offset process. Different items and artwork may lend themselves best to specific techniques, so of course our swag experts are always happy to make suggestions as needed.

7. What should my product look like?

This is our favorite part- designing your company’s ideal promotional product!

Help us help you by asking yourself some questions when deciding what products to go with. Color: Is the product I want available in my brand colors? How will that look- would white/black/gray make more sense? Imprint area: Is the product big enough for my logo/tagline/etc. to fit properly? Decoration Type: Is this product being imprinted? Etched? Debossed? Embroidered? And how will the type of decoration potentially affect my design? Quality: Is the material high quality enough? Remember that these are tactile in nature, with a direct human interaction factor, so even aspects such as lighting can impact the impression value. The more clear one can be about the outcome they are wanting, the more effective the project approach can be. So set that vision, then communicate to your promo partner so they also have that same clarity of vision.

Before ordering any promotional products for your company, ask yourself these seven key questions. Then head to our Project Start page here to get things rolling: https://www.yellowbikecreative.com/project-start