Why We Love Branded Merchandise (And You Should, Too!)

Do we really need to remind you why branded merchandise is awesome? Most people have a favorite t-shirt they got at a concert or a mug that makes them smile every time they use it. There are new festivals and events happening everyday with a good time and memories just waiting to be had.

Today’s consumers expect that brands will provide them with something they can take home to remind them of their amazing weekend or their conference in Denver. Promotional products are the perfect way to connect consumers to these events, and create brand awareness.

Let’s face it, people love receiving promotional products. People exist in the real world. So does merchandise. We use this real-world connection to make your message resonate in a way that other mediums can't. Whether it’s a teenage boy putting a sticker on his car or a woman using a water bottle with her yoga studio’s logo on it, promotional products are appreciated and welcomed by all types of people. If done well, people will actually thank you for communicating your branding message to them!

Promotional products come in all formats, shapes, sizes & colors. This allows you to increase a positive overall image and perception of your business and customize a marketing campaign so that it is more relevant to a specific demographic. 90.4% reported either currently owning or possessing a promotional product received within the last 24 months.

Research has found that recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive opinion of the business and higher likelihood of patronizing and recommending the business. According to a PPAI Study: Effectiveness of Promotional Products As An Advertising Medium, over 80% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years. Even if the recipient uses the item only once per week, that’s a minimum of 52 impressions made over the course of a year with the possibility of more than 208 during a five-year window.

With 25 years of experience in the field, Tugboat specializes in finding the perfect promotional product for any marketing campaign. You give us your budget and the overall vibe you want to create and we will do the rest. Often times, new marketing opportunities pop up out of nowhere and require quick action. We have a list of products that can be turned around quickly to meet your needs. There are even products that can be shipped within 24-hours of placing an order!

There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products that can fit any budget. Having a variety of options allows for greater flexibility when planning out a marketing campaign of any size.